The Bad Bits

When you have any activity that involves people and stretches over decades, there will be a loss. Some times the loss is just a drifting away.  Sometimes not.

Paval was one of these. He gamed for a year or so and then just stopped playing.  He was a good man and we missed him, but understood that his religious beliefs might have dampened his friendship with us.

Sometimes what happens in the game are responsible for a person walking away. Ramon was a great guy and a good gamer who really got into role playing his character. But perhaps he put to much of his heart into his character. When his character died in the flames of a dragon, he wept and vowed never to play again. He kept that vow.

Ron stopped playing because he got married and ...

Naturally you have those that move away and many of them have gone on to have happy lives and successful carers. We miss them but cheer their absence at games that turn into a party.  And then you have those who have not survived.

I learned how to play AD&D with Gordon McMurchie. He was my room mate and best man at my first wedding. He died in 2001

Mick Paul was my room mate more than once, my best man at my 2nd marriage and a wonderful friend. He died in 2019

And most sad, Lisa my wife and life long player in every campaign I reffed died in 2021

To all the players who do not show up on game night for what ever reason ...

Fair Thee Well!