Youtube Videos Recordings 
I started video tape records of games and such early on. Not all of these are old though.
Gene Crime on Seker
The Blue Sun
Halloween Feud
New Year With The Folks
My Silly Minis

There is more stuff (not all related to the games) on my Youtube Channel
It should  come as no surprise that I made recordings of games.
Here is a selection of the better ones:

Game Recording 8-24-19

Sound Effects and such
Beatrice Appears
Get on with it!
509 First Game

Game Songs

These were mostly used to cut therugh the chatter and get the actual; game going!
The Tubes - Wild Women of Wongo
Critical Eole
Poems of Stallen Farrs Gordons Handouts
A poetical list of the members of Local 509 and Stallens Impressions of them
A tale of terror in another plane of existance
The story of the day their flying ship fell out of the air
Staalen relates in verse a tale told to him by Jon Quille
A poem of a terrible dungeon in the lands of Shou Lung
A poem of the death of a Dragon of the Sea
The second part of the Dragon Poem
A realistic view of adventuring as told in verse
Local509 was a creative group each in their own way. Gordon was the joker and loved making humors items for the amusement of the players. Here are soe of his best!
3 Dragons for 509 Brothers - Movie Poster for the movie
Gereral Joke - What DO Generals keep in their slevies?
Camp Hell - Worst case scenario!
509 Phrase Book - A classic
But Chip! - A common phrase
Chip Ousted - Article about the deposition of the Dungeon Master
Adventurer Cigarettes - They're to die for
DD Dictionary - Almost 5 pages long!
Dungeon Manager - The new software make everything easy
Executive order 509 - An official notice from the President
A Message - Another Importan message from your President
New Mexico gets Strange - As in Jim
Lich Rap - Boom, Chihh, Chihh, Boom, Boom Chihh
The Lips - Tell it all
We All Fight For The Local 509 - Sung to Yellow Submarine
Chip and Madonna - to Wed
Magic Emporium - Don't you wish?
Scotts Valley Cease and Desist Order
Proposition 509 - A failed inititive
A Friendly Reminder - So where ARE your dues?
Rumors - Don't beleve it
Vlad - Not what you think
Warning - A customer service announcement
Waybad - and his many names

Clint Kromwood  - The hero as a ... hero.
Krom as a God - Stats from one of Krom's dreams
Krom Tells - How I became a God
The Waterdeep Times - King Krom Speakes

So, So many~ More Later