How the Local 509 Got Their Name

mong many uncomfortable revalations I received through the mind of the Uber Ego was one that has much bearing on the pecular name adopted by this group of heros. It seems that not only is the universe I exist in not infinatly large in all conceiveable dimensions, but also that there are infinatly many infanatly variable universes beyond that. And apparantly, the beings of the Uber World can travel between them at will and control what creatures they desire.

It was on one of these other worlds that the original group of adventurers called themselves Local 509. It happend in a universe called the system of the Blue Sun. On one of the worlds of this place lived a group of adventurers that were batteling evil and seeking to remove the beings that had turned the sun blue. There was a battle of that campaign where the outcome of went against the adventurers and the beings of the Uber world protested the events. The Uber beings formed something called "a union" to show their opposition. I think this organization was something like a guild where people join together to bargain as one. They called this organization "The Adventurers Union" and in hopes their organization would spread throughout the Uber world, they called their group "Local 509" that they would be distinct of all other groups who might want to join the Adventurers Union.

When the being of the Uber world transfered their attention to my world, they found that it was common in the Realms to name groups of adventurers that they fame would be known to all. Perhaps they brought the name to this world in hopes that this union would spread there or perhaps they had just grown accustomed to refering to themselves as Local 509. But for whatever reason, the name was used again.

It is somewhat errie to me that the name of the Adventuring group should have been named for a group who lived on some other universe in a time for which there is no reference on this world. It should be no surprise that I make no mention of these things I know to those who I travel with!