The Tale Begins With the Teller

An Introduction

lease allow me to introduce myself. I am Philibus Anubus now known as The Amulet

My existance changed dramatically 208 years ago. I was a man, but now all that I am has been placed in a crystal sphere about an inch in diameter. For me, this was a very good thing, although it severly impared my mobility.

I was never a healthy person. My physical form failed me at every turn. In my youth, my heart was weak and it only took a few moments of play to exhaust me. As a young adult, I was strong enough to attend school, but not for much else. In my older years, I discovered I loved life, but hated the body that I inhabited. When the opportunity arrose to leave the husk behind and yet allow my mind to continue to grow, I could do nothing but take the great leap into the crystal.

I do not pretend to understand the means by which my "soul" was placed into the crystal. I have promised that I will not reveal the identity of the person who performed this miraculous transformation.  I will never answer questions about that aspect of my existance.

But, dear Reader, do not despair of finding nothing here justifying your attention and time. On the contrary I plan to divulge information to you which is unknown to any others. The great mystery of this revelation is that it raises serious questions about all the experiences I have known and flounts my very concept of reality.

When the transformation took place,  I felt most the lack of pain. Pain was something I had always lived with and to have no body to give me pain was like being able to see for the first time or hear music where silence had reigned. As my attention was able to explore the subtle areas of consiousness that had been lost in the constant noise of my malfunctioning body, I became aware of a mind that seemed above my own. I do not know if this other mind has always been with me and previously lost in the haze of pain or if it is something that happened when my mind was placed into the crystal I now inhabit.

I call this thing within me a "Uber Ego". It is a consiouness as distint as may own and is one I can sometimes convers with. It is a man, not a god and yet it seems to wield powers that warp time and space almost at will.

He (if so I may refer to a being so lofty) may know all about some things, but knows little of vast areas of my reality.

He lives in a place with others like him that are able to somehow control the actions of some beings on this world. Though they exersize absolute control of the actions of those they possess, they seem to see what happens through a dark glass. But the powers of the Uber Ego exceed theirs in many ways.

Sometimes I think that my entire existance is nothing more than a echo of this other world beyond. And worse, what is to become of our world with such masters in control? This is the reason that I have never given any I know this vision of the world above.

Sometimes it is almost as if through the mind of the Uber Ego I am able to read the thoughts of other around me and using this knowlege move backward in time. Although I have had decades to experience this, the sensation is one that I shall ever become accomstumed to. Often as I gaze into the life of another it seems I become them. Thereafter I am unable to put the experience into terms other than those that express something that happened to me rather than to the other that I understand I was feeling. Forgive me therefore if it seems my frame of reference seems to shift in unnatural ways. It is an unnatural situation I find myself in!

It is plain that the Uber Ego has centered his attention on the Local 509, that group of adventurers that has had so may fantastic experiences. It is clear that my entire destiny is that I am to be their chronicler. It is a fate that is agreeable to me in every way. How could it be otherwise?

But, enough of me for now. I am the most minor participant in their adventures. My form provides me an ideal way to observe their actions in detail in a detached manor. This I have done and what I have observered is preserved herein. In addition, I have interviewed all the heros and set down that which they remember of events that occured before I joined the Local 509.

If you like, you can read more about
how I met the Local 509, or you may begin reading a more chronological telling of the tales of the Local 509.

Chip Frye the Uber Ego Speaks