Players and Characters

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The Players and Characters

The DM - Chip
Chip has been playing D and D for about 30 years and reffing for about that whole time. He works at TiVo (the television recording device) as an engineer in the Software Quality Engineering department. Before that he worked at Netscape and Borland and about 15 other places. Besides D & D, he plays guitar and uses midi synthesizers to become a one man band. He is married to Lisa and with their dog Sparky live quite happily in South San Jose.

Galranwyn - Lisa
Chip and Lisa met through Cindy 1 more than 25 years ago. Cindy 1 and Chip had been playing D and D together for some time when Cindy began attending Cal Poly. One of her house mates was Lisa who had played D & D once or twice before and met at a game. She played a character in the Universe of the Blue Sun for a short time, then moved from San Luis Obispo to attend the University of Hayward where she graduated. She now works as an office assistant with Cindy at a solar energy company called Alten. She and Chip have been married 15 years.

Pisheo - Cindy 1
Cindy has a BS degree in solar engineering from Cal Poly and works with Lisa at Alten where she is a combination of office manager and Title 24 engineer. She and Dale have been married 15 years and live in Sunnyvale. She also played in the universe of the Blue Sun. Together she and Chip learned D and D from Big John. Cindy introduced Dale to the game.
She married him not long after. Currently, there have been 4 marriages among the 12 people who play D&D regularly.
Cindy and Dale, Chip and Lisa, Mike and Cindy and Peter and Lucy have all married after a few years after being friends at the game! This can not be a coincidence. Yentil's take note!

Timber - Dale
Timber is Dale's original and only character. He is an artist who works mainly in air brush and has won many awards for his work. All of the T-shirts you see in these pictures are his work. Dale has been generous in his creations for the Local 509! He also works at Accent Arts; an art supply store.
He has been studying computer graphics and animation of late.
Dale takes pride in his BBQ abilities and is often used as a camp site consultant for those less experienced in this craft.

Stallen & Deseree - Peter
Peter is the manager of the Acquisitions department of the
Stanford University Blue Library .An avid collector of game cards and other items, he is well known for his complete sets of Magic the Gathering cards.
He is married to Lucy who he met at one of the games in the universe of the Blue Sun. He likes writing and has provided many of the poems about the Local 509 that you will read here. They live in together in Menlo Park and woe to the person who misses one of Peter's meals! His cooking skills are legend among the players of the Local 509.

Victorex - Lucy
Lucy and Chip met at one of the games DMed by Big John Marvin. She and Peter met at a game Dee Emmed by Chip. They married 5 years after they began gaming. Lucy is a financial controller of the Hewlett philanthropic foundation located in Palo Alto. She and Peter have been married 9 years and have been in the Menlo Park location for 6 years. Lucy was a major player in the universe of the Blue Sun.
She has enjoyed a series of hobbies such as making Dream Catchers in her time. Of late, she is enjoying photography and has produced several privately published photo collections of image from around the world taken in her travels with eter and his family.

Dromar - Mike
Mike lives in Atwater and works for a company in Hayward who installs Sign and Post Company where he places for sale signs throughout the Bay Area. Mike was brought to the game by Lisa with whom he attended classes at Hayward State University.
He played in the Blue Sun universe, but his distance from San Jose has curtailed his gaming activities of late. He is active on the web and known to hang out on the Physics news boards.
He is currently working toward a degree in Project Management from an online university. He is also learning to drive a 16 wheel truck as an adjunct to his current job.

Katrina - Cindy 2
Katrina has been Cindy's only character in my universe. She has created a character that has survived adventures that killed far more powerful characters. She is very skilled in avoiding dangerous situations!
Cindy and Mike were married 4 years ago. She is a wonderful crafts person and in the last few years has worked at a craft store, a camera store and has become an excellent photographer. Most of the pictures here are hers.
We hope that she and Mike will be able to attend the games more often. We miss their contributions to the game and their company!

Phanto Zee - Dave
Dave has been the most off again, on again member of Local 509. He was introduced to the game by Cindy1 who he dated for many years. Despite their decision to split, he continued to return to the game for many years on a somewhat irregular basis. He is now dating Lisa 2 and has been regularly attending games for the last couple of years. It always feels like the group is complete when he and Lisa arrive, so we are all happy they have been able to rejoin the group! Dave is working at an Art Framing store.

Ariel - Lisa 2
What is this business of Cindy 1 and Lisa 2? It was born of necissity due to the repetitious naming conventions of the 1950's. The one who arrives in the group first assumes the addendium "1" when another of that name arrives to play. It isn't very nice, but it is a protocol that has worked even when a 3rd Cindy arrived for a short time!
Lisa 2 was brought to the game by Dave who is best friends with Peter and Lucy. The 4 of them hang out a lot and generally arrive at the game together. Lisa works as an X-Ray technician for Palo Alto Radiology. She does not glow in the dark.

Odyseuss - Jeff
The youngest of the group, Jeff met Cindy at a Ritz Camera store where they both worked. She brought him to the game 8 years ago and he has been attending regularly ever since. Soon after he joined the Local 509, he began working with Chip at ReplayTV. They now continue working together at TiVo where he is a programmer.
These days Jeff lives in Newark with a cat named Miss Kitty. He loves working with computers and has his own server running. You may be reading this document there! He was taking computer courses at the same college Lisa and Dromar attended, but has been concentrating on his full time job at TiVo for a couple of years now.

Zoe - Adrienne
Adrianne is the most recent player to join the group. She and Chip work together at TiVo in the QE department although she now works in a different department. She is closest to the game as she also lives in South San Jose only a few miles from the game in a house she and her husband Scott bought this summer (2007).
She loves it when an adventure takes an unexpected turn and is enjoying the game as much as anyone I've ever reffed for. lcome Adrienne!

Krom - Gordon
Chip and Gordon were best friends since 3rd grade. Gordon introduced Chip to Big John Marvin and together enjoyed their first adventures as players of D&D. They worked together at a number of places and attended college together sometimes too. Gordon lost his battle with colon cancer and left us around the New Year of 2004. His illness had prevented him from playing regularly for the last year or so. He will be sorely missed. Most of the handouts  you will find here are his work.

Darren was brought to the game by Jeff and played for about 6 months before he moved to the Washington area to be close to his woman.

She is 4 years old (2022) and just coming into her own. She gets Very excited every Saturday afternoon knowing the party is going to be there.

Sparky the Dog
Technically speak, Sparky is not a player. He never misses a game though! He considers all the other players as members of his extended pack is always makes a big fuss when the rest of the players arrive. They seem to like him too.

Past Players

Quantis and Grey Scale - Big John  Marvin
John, Chip and Gordon met at a Printed Circut Board construction plant where they worked. John introduced them to the game and was their Dee Emm for many years. He now lives in Washington Statle and  is a retired Engineering Manager for Mircosoft. He continues to play Role Playing Games and raise his family.

Cyril - Pavel
Chip and Pavel met at Replay TV where they both worked. Pavel played for about a year until his responsibilities as Deacon for a Russian Orthadox church made it impossible to spend his Saturday night gaming.

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