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The Planet Berth
Early Adventures
I switched over to the 3.0 and 3.5 Edition d20 rules at the insistence of Th4e Local 509 soon after it came out. It was not a smooth transition! There were problems in character conversion and I found the rules far more numerous and unmanageable. Soon after converting to 3.0 the 3.5 edition came out  positively caused some issues. Hardest of all was the characters high levels when they converted. It took me too long to get to the point where I felt comfortable with the 3.5 rules.

  A new campaign (and a new set of characters) was the only way I could think of to reduce the complexity of the Local 509 campaign. It also gave me a chance to create a new planet.
The planet Berth is ancient and has supported numberless civilizations. It swings like a pendulum between being dominated by the powers of Magic and Technology. It is possible for the characters to move back and forth in time to visit them. Memories can be changed both to enable new skills and to remove memories of times before the one they currently inhabi

As I was just beginning to understand the new game system I decided to use a mix of pre written adventure and short ones I wrote. I started them in a jungle environment. There was one that took place in Jakumi, an ancient cliff dwelling with dozens of caves both natural and man made. Another was a Dwarven Hive mountain hall built by dwarfs and another where they were protecting the key to their ancestors crypts. I ran them through the infamous Tomb of Horrors which turned out to be a horror itself.
I had one adventure that took them to the post apocalyptic far future of Berth. I was working on integrating the d20 Future, Present and Fantasy rules into a cohesive single system including the Car Wars rules. It was a total flop!
Cave Bear

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