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When Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition came out, I took a good look at it and decided it was not the system for me. About that time Pathfinder came out. It was a an alternate version of the 3.5 rules which corrected some game system issues and included a lot of new ideas for character options. A couple of players expressed interest in it, so I took a look and decided it would work. It did work, but as the characters advanced in levels, it became to time consuming at the table and much harder to design adventures for it.
Here is a PDF of the Pathfinder PRD that has all the rules but not all the descriptive info in the books.
To prevent collisions with the stuff in the 3.5 era, I created a new area of the planet and set it in a different time. It was after the 3.5 adventures but before the apocalypse. I cheated and used published cities so I could concentrate on writing the House of Stone dungeon. I used Ptolus for the good city and the City State of the World Emperor for the evil city. I took the idea for the dungeon from an old Judges Guild module named Tiegel Manor. In the end I'd had enough keeping track of so many characters (10-12 at that time). Given the cruncy nature of Pathfinder, this made my head explode and sparked an unusual number of character rule arguments. I wrote a new haunted house dungeon from scratch. It turned out to be almost the entire campaign! It was huge and infested with all kinds of undead, demons and devils. It included out buildings, a graveyard, a stable and a nearby town that hired the party to "clean out" the building.
It ran for about 5 years and took the party from 3 level to 15th.

Ground Floor Room - Map
Upper Floors Room - Map
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