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Traveller is a hard Science Fiction role playing game. The basic concepts for role playing are the same as D&D, but it is very different. It uses only regular 6 sided dice and instead of magic, technology is the fantasy element.

The game has a vast galaxy the players can travel in and can provide almost any environment you can think of within its rules. I has lots of interesting alien races to play. I feel it's more suted to an episodic kind of campaign as opposed to a story based one.

The adventurers of the Local 509 initially was mostly using early modules primarilly using the Judges Guild documents.
But soon I wanted to return to using my own adventurers. I wanted something epic enough that it would take years to play and take players from about 3rd level until the characters are retired.
To support an adventure so sprawling I needed a canvas equally large. I had been playing in the Forgotten Realms world from TSR using only the boxed set. This was well before all the supporting material came out and I found it ws too restrictive.
So I decided to invent a fantastic solar system with more than a dozen planets. Here is some Narrative information on the system

My first campaign was episodic as opposed to a story based one.
This used the original Traveller small books and d6 only. The players were guns for hire and would travel from one adventure to another based on what jobs they could find on the local jobs board. I have no records of these games as I didn't have a computer at that time and used paper only for both adventurers and game notes.
Only one adventure really stands out from the first time I reffed this game. The players were hired as mercenary and cadre troops guarding a frontier outpost and training some of the backward local aliens in modern weapons. When the aliens attacked their fort with spears and clubs against their laser guns, some players rebelled! The adventure was intended to be Zulu with energy weapons.  

The next time I reffed Traveller I used the  Traveller T20, a d20 version of the rules. This used the standard set of D&D dice and a completely rewritten rule book. I like this system better than the original
I intended this to be more story based and was called Out of Time. A mistake by a mad scientist passenger testing a more efficient FTL drive sent the party thousands of years in their future to find their civilization has been destroyed. They tried to find a planet that would allow them to fix their spaceship and find a better home in the stars. This had a ton of potential for me to play around in a well defined set of stars and planets, but all that was left on most were the remains of the ancient days.
I abandon this campaign early when some of the player revolted against losing their holding from their origin setup in the transition to a universe that had no inter-system banking system.
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