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Here are the Tabletop Role Playing Games I have enjoyed over the past 40 plus years. This website is dedicated to the players who have been kind enough to follow me all that time!

5th Edition


D&D d20

Weird West



A. U. Local 509

The Universe

The Local 509s Name Media and Photos
509 Adventures Narratives My D&D History
There is a story of the unusual way that this adventuring party was named the Local 509
Video recordings of games, audio recordings as well. Poems written by Peter about the adventurers and humorous pages from Gordon
I thought that the stories that we invented at the tablle could be turned into a novel. I was wrong, but many of the stories I wrote from game notes are still interesting (maybe)
How I got interested in the Role Playing Games all that time ago
Hail the Glorious Dead! The Quest of the 15 Adventure
Some Sad Facts
Philibus the Amulet
The names of the characters that died in various campaigns and what killed them
The Quest of 15 was the longest running campaicn I developed. Here is a paragraph outline of each part of this adventure
Players come and go less often than the characters, but there will always be times when the people go away. Some wander off and some pass on. They all played a hand in the games and in our own histories
This is magic items holding the intellect of a scholer from Kopeta. This is an introduction to the narrator of many stories found here.
Not enough is said about the positive effects Role Playing games can have on a person. For a child or teen it can increase their arithmetic skills, help in socialization and act as a release of boredome and anger. I know this from my own experience. For me, the game has:
  • Brought back to life a part of my mind that had gone dormant with disuse
  • Introduced me to my wife and was instrumental in the marriage of my friends!
  • Introduced me to a group of life long friends
  • Provided me with a creative outlet I could share with a audience